Sports Hypnotherapy

Everyone knows that being a successful sports athlete involves maintaining high levels of physical fitness. However, this is only part of the strategy required for success. Given two people of matching physical expertise and talent, the difference between the gold medal and silver medal will ultimately be decided by their mental attitudes. Sports Hypnotherapy is now widely recognised as a vital key boost athletic performance and helps bring about that vital edge to become a winner.

According to research; high sports performance has much more to do with mental abilities than physical abilities. For career athletes, the emphasis of psychology on sporting performance is well known – a fact proven by the thousands of Sport Psychologists supporting teams and individuals at The Olympic Games. Positive mentality is everything in sport – if you’re anxious, depressed or lack confidence in your own abilities, you are certainly not going to perform at your peak.

Many non-professional athletes are now also recognising the value of Sports Hypnotherapy to up their game and do their best. Sports Hypnotherapy can help often help with golf, running, football, cricket, boxing, darts, swimming, and all other sports. Every person, whether currently successful or not, has internal resources. Through Sports Hypnotherapy you will develop a new ability to maintain motivation and inner determination to practice and refine your sporting performance.

Sports Hypnotherapy improves and enhances an individual’s mental attitude by helping them to relax – removing anxieties and boosting confidence. The power of hypnosis can be very helpful improving focus and concentration, and that’s why Sports Hypnotherapy is being utilised in all sports across the globe in the search for that edge over the competition.

The most sought-after benefits of Sports Hypnotherapy are:

> improved confidence and self-belief
> removal of negative thoughts or beliefs
> increased motivation and dedication
> use of deep relaxation and concentration to imagine successful outcomes
> maintaining composure and overcoming distractions.

Any problems blocking your success, whether they are apprehension and fear of failure, poor concentration and focus, will be easily dealt with and effectively removed from your life, and you will find yourself meeting with new found success in your sporting area of choice.