Sleep Hypnotherapy

Most of us at some point in their lives suffer insomnia or some other form of sleep disorder. Life tends to be fast paced and stressful these days and people often work long hours and have long commutes followed by domestic chores like cooking and cleaning. When you combine this with late night TV or device watching, it is not surprising people have trouble winding down at night.

Inability to sleep is worsened when you are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression because it is hard to switch off from your negative thoughts. You may be anxious about what has happened during the day, or what might happen tomorrow or in the future, about your health, about school, college or work, about money, or your relationships. Or perhaps you are just worried because you can’t sleep.

A normal active ‘day time’ state of mind often involves the imagination projecting to the future and creating imagery around logistical issues and frequently includes fear or worry about future events. Because this active state of mind can lead to sleepless nights and days of tiredness at work, this often leads to more worry about the potential of this reoccurring, which often leads to clock watching and fear about the time remaining left for sleep.

Sleep Hypnotherapy focuses on understanding and changing patterns of behaviour. Though the cause of the problem will vary for each individual, there are many conditions that may increase the risk of developing a sleep disorder.

Sleep Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of your sleep problem and changes the way you think – so that you no longer get in your own way when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Hypnotherapy will teach you various way to relax quickly and easily, and to switch off from intrusive and troubling thoughts, anxiety, and stress. You will be taught to practice self-hypnosis to aid sleep. The very fact that you will be able to put yourself into a deep state of relaxation will help your sleep, without further intervention, but you will also be given hypnosis specifically to help you learn how to get to sleep quickly and easily, and to stop worrying that you cannot, which is itself a major factor in preventing people from sleeping.