Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy

A panic attack is your body responding to fear – a ‘fight or flight’ response to a perceived threat. Generally, panic attacks will occur when your body experiences a sudden onset of intense symptoms. In short, they are an exaggeration of your body’s natural response to excitement, stress or danger.

A panic attack is the firing of your survival response at a time when no obvious threat is present. Through the physical response in the body, you start to breathe too fast, causing you to hyperventilate. Although you are trying to gasp for breath, breathing in this way creates too much oxygen in your body.

Panic attacks can be truly terrifying and even feel like you’re having a heart attack. There can be many triggers for panic attacks and they can even take you by surprise. If you want to be free from panic attacks Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy could be just what you’re looking for.

Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy is becoming a more recognised method for dealing with anxiety in general, and so is also thought to be helpful in managing panic attacks. Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy can help rebuild self-belief and boost confidence, as well as helping to reduce feelings of fear and worry. Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy can help you learn and build on the ability to access your calmer state of mind, which is needed to help cope with the overwhelming emotions you are feeling.

Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind and swiftly gets to the root cause of the panic attack and then changes how you think about that perceived ‘threat’ so you no longer respond in the same way using powerful mindset reprogramming. It aims to access your subconscious and use the power of suggestion to promote positive change. The suggestions used by the hypnotherapist will be tailored to your individual situation; what is causing your panic attacks and why, and working to change the way your body responds to the triggers.