Since 2001, every year the world unites on July 30th to celebrate the United Nations International Friendship Day. This world recognition is designed to foster peace and happiness between individuals, cultures, and nations. Our world currently faces many challenges. From human rights abuses and war to the economic crisis and recent global COVID-19 crisis, it’s easy to get caught up in the forces that undermine peace, development, security, and social harmony. Surrounding ourselves with loving, positive relationships is one way to maintain our happiness and mental wellbeing.


Fostering Friendships Helps Us Thrivehealthy relationships and mental health

A recent study reported in Personality and Social Psychology Review reveals how and why positive human relationships are essential for maintaining our emotional health, physical health, and wellbeing, and growth. Lead researchers, Brooke Feeney of Carnegie Mellon University and Nancy Collins of University of California at Santa Barbara, analysed the ways in which relationships can hinder or promote “thriving” in life. According to Feeney, the study focused not only on “…what helps people cope with stress or adversity” but also how relationships impact our “efforts to learn, grow, explore, achieve goals, cultivate new talents, and find purpose and meaning in life.” 

Throughout the course of the study, researchers determined relationships impacted five distinct areas of thriving, including:

  • Happiness: feeling fulfilled and living a meaningful life.
  • Purpose: having purpose and progressing toward meaningful goals in life.
  • Psychological well-being: maintaining a positive self image and an absence of mental health symptoms/disorder.
  • Social well-being: experiencing meaningful and deep human connections, faith in others and humanity, and positive interpersonal expectancies.
  • Physical well-being:  maintaining healthy weight, activity levels, and health status above expected baselines.

According to Harvard Medical, dozens of studies have shown that people who have social support from family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer. On the other hand, a relative lack of social ties is associated with depression and later-life cognitive decline, as well as with increased mortality. One study, which examined data from more than 309,000 people, found that lack of strong relationships “increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50% — an effect on mortality risk roughly comparable to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, and greater than obesity and physical inactivity.”


The Quality of Your Relationships Matter

quality of your relationships matterThe quality of your relationships matter. Toxic, negative, physically abusive, and emotionally abusive relationships can be detrimental to your overall health and well-being. For example, studies have linked disappointing or negative interactions with family and friends with poorer health. Another line of research has found signs of reduced immunity in couples during especially hostile marital spats.

Toxic and negative relationships can cause:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low-self esteem
  • Lack of interest in things you once loved
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure


Relationship Hypnotherapy

relationship hypnotherapy uae

Whether you are seeking help to overcome obstacles with your current relationships or would like to change your relationship habits, hypnotherapy can help.  When we are in healthy, positive relationships, we are much more likely to be fulfilled in other aspects of our life. An unhappy relationship can wreak havoc on your happiness, and trickle into many other aspects of your life too. Hypnotherapy is an effective method of change. It can assist us in understanding why we act and feel the way we do. Additionally, hypnotherapy for relationships can help us develop new ways of thinking, and provide us with the tools needed to see things from our partner’s perspective.

The professionals at AB MIndworks, leverage their experience and expertise to successfully treat a variety of mental health concerns, to include maintaining healthy relationships. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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Annie Browne - Hypnotherapist

Following a 35 year medical and teaching career I became a licensed clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. I am registered with the General Council for Hypnotherapy Standards, (GHSC) and am practicing online worldwide. A keen golfer, and having a Sports Science degree, I help golfers with their ‘mental’ game. Many professional golfers have benefitted from hypnosis to help with their focus, concentration and stop the negative thoughts that interfere with their game. I am working with amateur and professional golfers to do the same and bring their handicaps down.

As a hypnotherapist, I help people to quit smoking in just one session and give a lifetime guarantee. With the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss programme I have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds easily and effortlessly. I can also help sufferers deal with fears, phobias and anxiety, and many other problems. As a qualified teacher, I am also helping young people cope with exam stress.