Ever wanted to be the best you can be in sports? The top sport performers know the benefits of hypnotherapy in helping them achieve greatest of heights. Here are 7 reasons as to why hypnotherapy can be so advantageous to whatever the sports activity you enjoy.

Hypnotherapy gets you in the Zone

Mental focus is unbelievably important to a top sports performer. No matter how much skill you have achieved over the years, if you mind isn’t totally focused during the match then you may as well hand victory over to your opponents. Sports Hypnotherapy can help eliminate all other concerns, stresses and worries and promotes a100 per cent focus on winning the match.

Hypnotherapy creates strong visualisation

Ever heard a footballer discuss how he drove home an penalty shot and say that he just imagined it hitting the back of the net? Ever been told as a child to just visualise the netball going through the hoop if you want to score? There is actually a lot of science behind this. All success starts with a strong visualisation of the outcome and this visualisation has to be hardwired into the complex network of your brain and its neural pathways. Hypnotherapy allows for a direct route into the subconscious meaning these successful outcomes can be instilled at the deepest of levels.

Hypnotherapy turns your reactions into responses

We are not born knowing how to accurately hit a golf ball onto the green or sink a black ball into the far right pocket. These are abilities and prowess that our brain has had to learn. The more you throw a ball to a child, the better they will become at catching a ball. This is because our neurons will start to learn from the random reactions of our bodies to create an intricate formula for success. Suddenly our lightning reactions to catch will be mapped out in the neural pathways of our brains making this skill more of a controlled response – this is a process that hypnotherapy encourages.

Hypnotherapy improves confidence

Deep in all the affirmative language of a hypnotherapist’s therapy is a basic framework of building confidence. This is because we know that healthy confidence is the building block of most of favourable results and progression. Professional sports men and women are keenly aware that all theie skill and expertise is completely useless without self-belief and confidence in themselves. Through guided hypnosis, a hypnotherapist will instil a confidence blueprint in the mind of the sportsperson and with this winning formula they are miles ahead of their competitors.

Hypnotherapy helps manage sleep patterns

When we are asleep we use a process called REM to change our emotional memories into narrative memories. We empty our metaphorical bags of stress and give ourselves more spare capacity to deal with the everyday complications of our busy lives. When we are not doing this effectively our sleep patterns are the first thing to suffer causing us to become emotionally, mentally and physically tired – these are all cataclysmic for a sportsperson. Hypnotherapy replicates important REM patterns which, in turn, helps us to sleep more efficiently giving us bundles of energy for that all important match tomorrow.

Hypnotherapy decreases your stress

When we suffer from stress we are spending time existing in our primitive minds – where our base response options are anxiety, depression and anger. These are responses are clearly not good for anything especially sports that require mental focus, precision and clarity of thought. Hypnotherapy moves our thought patterns into the intellectual area of mind and this eradicates stress and it’s paralysing effects on performance.

Hypnotherapy acts as an inner rehearsal

In whatever sport discipline, people at the top of their game know the importance of rehearsal. Many boxers mentally rehearse every uppercut before going out into the ring. Studies have shown that in many cognitive processes the brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality meaning that a mental rehearsal is as useful as a physical one. Hypnotherapy provides the ultimate mental rehearsal. What’s more is that it is tailor-made. The client, in communication with the hypnotherapist, is in complete control of every aspect of the training.

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