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If you are a business entrepreneur you measure your success on your financial income, If you are a model you measure yourself on your amazing looks… A manager would measure themselves through profitability. But does any of this really make us happy? If you see balance, contentment as your life’s worth here are the important measurements to keep in mind.

Your Thoughts

When we measure the positivity of our thoughts then we effectively measure the resilience of our brains and our ability to stay in the now. As our brains are neuroplastic, the more time that we spend thinking in a positive way, the bigger our resources to positively tackle any life problems become.

Your Interactions

Humans are social creatures and we are designed on spiritual, emotional and physical level, to thrive on successfully communicating with other people. When we truly connect with others, our lives develop purpose because very few of us can be truly content on their own.

Your Strengths

Strengths are the positive features of your personality, the resources you bring to the table, your skills. These are the things that make you remarkable and of far greater importance in life to measure than your ability to generate money and climb up the career ladder.

Your Achievements

Achievement is purely a comparative term. If we measure our achievements against an Olympic Gold Medal winner we may come up short. We need to measure our achievements based upon where we start and where we actually finish.

Your Confidence

When we have confidence in the decisions we make, then we completely lower the exposure to anxiety about outcomes that happen. And when we remove anxiety about a negative outcome, we circumvent worry and stress which will keep us mentally strong and focused.

Your Activities

When we take vigorous exercise our brain produces serotonin, this our body’s natural happy juice. So if you are more active, the more of this happy inducing chemical we disperse throughout our bodies – meaning we have far more energy, more vitality and more positivity.

Your Happiness

This the end goal for us all. We communicate to be happy, have a career to be happy, form relationships to be happy. If all of our daily tasks are undertaken with the end game of fulfillment and happiness, then happiness has got be the greatest measure of all of them.

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