If you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression, the range of therapeutic treatments can be very confusing. The therapy world has a multitude of different and difficult choices to make. Many people are choosing hypnotherapy in Dubai because it has stood the test of time and decades of successful treatment can vouch for its efficacy. Here are ten reasons why hypnotherapy might be the right treatment for you.

It is brain-based

The history of Hypnotherapy is based in science and not on magic. The system was developed by looking at how your brain naturally functions, how anxiety is processed. Time will be taken to give an explanation of the science behind the process so that every client understands exactly how the procedure will work. There is no leap of faith or magical thinking required – it is pure neuroscience

It is incredibly relaxing

Many people find it uncomfortable or intimidating going to a counsellor or a cognitive behavioural specialist . Why? Because the expectation is for the client to talk about painful and deeply private issues. Hypnotherapy is a calm and relaxed way of dealing with anxiety and allows the client to work on the problem in a trance like state using a deeply relaxing hypnotic procedure.

It regulates sleep

As well as the ability to reduce anxiety, Hypnotherapists understand the relationship between levels of sleep and anxiousness. One of the huge advantages of our approach is that you will often achieve much better sleep patterns as a result, and a healthy, positive nad rejuvenated start to the day lessens the anxiety levels.

It focuses on the future

Most people come to a hypnotherapist wanting to change their future and not dwell on the negative reasons why they became anxious in the first place. In fact, hypnotherapists believe that a constant focus on your actual problem reinforces the anxiety that you are trying to get rid of. A hypnotherapist doesn’t focus how you got to become anxious, we look at where you are now and the positive space of you want to get to… It is a positive, solution focused experience.

Everyone can do it

A lot of people have doubts about whether they can or cannot be hypnotised. They probably are thinking of the deep level of trance that only around 3 per cent of the population can attain. In Hypnotherapy the deep, relaxing state is like a vivid daydream – you are still aware of all around you. As everyone has the ability to daydream, we all have the ability to make fundamental and positive change using hypnosis.

It makes you the expert

In many therapies, the role of the therapist is to help puzzle out the issue and the therapist has a range of mechanisms to solve the problem. Hypnotherapy puts you clearly in the driving seat. We work on the assumption that you are the best expert of yourself. It is your mind that you are in charge of. The unique resolution that you have to solve the issue is sometimes concealed because of the busyness and stress of everyday life. We centre squarely you on finding the best solution that will best help yourself – this is much more empowering.

The results are long-term

The investment you make in Hypnotherapy is an investment in your healthy future life. The change that will occur at such a deep cognitive will result in positive changed behaviours, thought processes and personal anxieties completely and permanently.

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