Fact – flying is the safest and fastest way to travel. 

Whether you are headed on holiday or a business trip, eventually we all have to fly. And while flying is statistically safer than any other form of travel, the thought of flying places some travelers into a state of anxiety and panic.

Although distressing, you can overcome your fear of flying. Hypnotherapy can be used to determine the root cause of your anxiety to help conquer your fear permanently. 


What is Aviophobia?

Aviophobia, commonly referred to as flight phobia, is the fear of flying in an aeroplane. Fairly common, research suggests as many as 20 percent of people experience aviophobia to some degree. For some, the fear of flying derives from the stresses commonly associated with aeroplanes and aeroports (i.e., long lines, security checkpoints, large crowds, etc.). For others, the fear is much greater, and it seriously hinders their ability to live their lives. 

Statistically, you are far more likely to die or be injured in an auto crash than in a plane to crash. In fact, if you flew on a plane every day, it would actually reduce your chances of dying. Unfortunately, rational statistics rarely make a difference for phobias. 

Typically, individuals who suffer from anxiety, in general, are more likely to suffer from fear of flying. This fear can be present in first-time flyers or be triggered later in life for seasoned travellers. Those individuals suffering from a fear of flying may experience panic attacks and other symptoms associated with anxiety, to include:

–  Repetitive negative thoughts

–  Headaches

–  Increased heart rate

–  Irritability

–  Sweating

–  Trouble focusing


–  Upset stomach

–  And more


Hypnosis to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Over time, a fear of flying can impact your social life, career, and happiness. Hypnotherapy is designed to help our minds become much more receptive to new information. As you participate in your hypnotherapy sessions your subconscious will listen to suggestions to help you overcome your fear of flying.

While the fear of flying may be irrational, knowing that your fear is irrational does not always help you feel any better. While you recognize your fear is irrational, you may still feel anxious, jittery, or panicked at the thought of flying. Even when you want to fly, your fear gets in the way. The good news is you are not alone and there is hope.

Hypnosis is a highly effective way to feel comfortable while flying. Like any other phobia, a fear of flying is rooted in your subconscious. Whether you had a traumatic experience at an aeroport or watched a plane crash, your mind is trying to protect you. It thinks that flying is dangerous. Ultimately, your fear is devised to warn you away from flying. 

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to quickly and efficiently determine the root cause of your phobia. Designed to change how you think, hypnotherapy will identify any memories held in your mind that are causing you to experience feelings of panic, anxiety, and fear about flying, air travel, and aeroports.


AB Mindworks

At AB Mindworks, we help you process your memories to prevent them from triggering fear in the future. Together with your hypnotherapist, you will learn to identify triggers and anxiety patterns, as well as learn critical skills to help you respond differently in the future. With the help of Annie Browne and her team at AB Mindworks, you will regain control and overcome your fear of flying so you can enjoy your travel experience and life to the fullest. 

Contact a member of our team to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears and phobias.