Annie Browne

Born in the UK, my professional career started as a nurse in a busy accident and emergency unit in Canterbury, Kent. During this time I did trauma counseling with patients and staff alike. After living in Saudi Arabia for 5 years working in a clinic attached to the US Embassy and an International School, I came back to the University of Kent to study Sport Science and Education, specialising in Sport Psychology. With a young family to look after, I taught in state and private schools and particularly helped students who suffered from exam nerves and stress. After my family had grown I then went back to University in Greenwich, London, to do postgraduate studies as an instructor in Basic and Advanced Life Support Training, First Aid and Health and Safety.

I moved to Dubai in 2008 and worked as Group Health and Safety Manager for Fitness First where I offered training, support and counseling for the trainers and other staff who were away from their home countries for the first time. I am a Medical Trainer for World Rugby, give lectures and conduct conference workshops for Dentists in Dental Medical Emergencies, as well as doing life support training for medical professionals. I also help in various sports and social groups. A dedicated life-long learner, I studied for a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and am a Registered Practitioner with the UK General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. I feel I am now consolidating my wealth of experience to help people get their lives back on track.

I love what I do and know I can really help make a difference to those who have lost their way in life or are held back by unwanted fears, phobias, habits and behaviours.


Debbie Hewitt

All my life I’ve enjoyed helping people and am naturally interested in people. I spent 20 years in corporate finance and very much enjoyed the people side of my job, but felt something was missing.
After the birth of my second child in 2014 I was struggling to lose weight and was feeling out of control of my eating habits. I’d promise myself in the morning I would be “good” only to be eating junk by lunchtime. A friend recommended hypnotherapy and after two sessions I had regained control of my eating habits and my relationship with food was changed for good. I decided on a change of career and so began my studies and I became a UK qualified and certified psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist.
I have been trained in the most up to date thinking on hypnosis and the methods used to effectively create rapid belief shift and change in a much more organic fashion. I particularly enjoy working with weight management clients because I can relate to a lot of the issues they are facing. However, I also find helping people with stress, anxiety, fears, addictions and sleep issues interesting and very rewarding.

What I find most fascinating is how each person comes to me with different experiences and perspectives making each session as unique and interesting as the individual person I’m with. During our sessions, my clients know they can be completely honest and open, sharing their feelings safe in the knowledge I am listening in a non-judgemental and respectful way.
Everyone has the ability to change. For me, being able to help people take control of their lives and make positive changes makes this the most rewarding job in the world.