Annie Browne

BSc(Ed) Hons, FRSH, Dip. Hyp (UK) GHSC

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapistand Psychotherapist

Hypnotherapy in Dubai

If you need confidential, compassionate and successful treatment of negative life habits - Annie Browne is your first choice for Hypnotherapy in Dubai

Annie Browne is a hypnotherapist based in Dubai and she helps people just like you to lead a happier, healthier and more rewarding life by using the modern approach of Hypnotherapy to free you from anxiety, phobias and any addictive behaviours that are difficult to change and that hold you back from success.

Our clients turn to us to lead them through simple, effective solutions which allow them to overcome personal and professional obstacles, and take that first step to reaching their full potential in all areas of life.

Whatever you would like help with, be it losing weight, stopping smoking, fear of public speaking, or something else – Hypnotherapy in Dubai with Annie Browne could be what you need to make permanent positive change in your life.

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Hypnotherapy can help you with


Our primeval survival response of fight or flight can cause huge distress and difficulty in everyday life.

Phobias and Fears

Helping to understanding how everyday situations can feel overwhelming, and why our “logic” can help.

Insomnia or Sleep Problems

Learning how bodily relaxation procedures can be so helpful in regaining peaceful, natural sleep patterns.

Weight Loss

Lose that weight – understand the importance of mindful eating with virtual gastric banding in Dubai.

Stop Smoking

Discover more about our single-session smoking cessation programme, with unique follow-up support.

Panic Attacks

Helping you to learn ways that could create inner tranquility in times of emotional crisis.


Understanding the emotional connection to this very uncomfortable and traumatic ailment.


A feeling that life is overwhelming or a persistent black mood should not be holding you back in life.

Stress Management

The effects of poorly-managed stress are all around us, we have the game plan that will help you.

Public Speaking

Techniques that could help you become more confident and relaxed in public presentations, networking and meetings.

Self Esteem

Loving yourself for who you really are and how negative self-talk affects your feelings of self worth and holds you back.

Exam Stress

Learning to effectively manage the dread of “exam nerves” that so many of us will experience – creating successful outcomes.

Pain Management

Discover our approach to discomfort and pain management through Hypnotherapy.

Relationship Problems

It might not always be “their fault”. Talking it through with a hypnotherapist might help get back on track.

Sports Hypnosis

The importance of addressing the “Inner Game” when seeking performance improvement for sportspeople of all abilities and ages.

Treatment for Addictions

We use a variety of different approaches in treatment for broad addictive behaviors.

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You will create the changes that you desire, more quickly and easily than you could ever have imagined possible.Isn’t it time to start your new life now?